Creative Versa-Tool Kit



The Alphabet Hot Stamp set expands the capabilities of the Versa-Tool by adding a full alphabet of brandable characters (A-Z) to the already versatile device.

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Product Description


The Versa-Tool can do it all! It’s by far the most versatile wood burning pen on the market with options and functions for all types of needs. Ideal for crafters, artisans and hobbyists, the Versa-Tool works on 15 different kinds of surfaces: wood, stained glass ,fabric, hobby models, just to name a few.

This 950 degrees, 25 watts/120 volts heating tool is not only a top-notch wood burning pen, it is capable of transfering a pattern, soldering, stencil cutting, woodburning, embossing on fabric, stamping or hot knife cutting. Plus, with the The Alphabet Hot Stamp you can add brandable letters to your wood burning arsenal.


  • Creative Versa-Tool
  • Stand
  • Storage case with dividers holds all tool components
  • Lead-free solder with Rosin Core
  • 11 interchangeable points, capable of 10 functions in one tool:
  • Universal, Flow, Shading, Calligraphy, Stencil Cutter, Soldering, Hot Knife, Transfer and 3 designs of Stamping.

Additional Info

  • Works with The Alphabet Hot Stamp for Brandable Letters.
  • Heats to 950˚/120 Volt/25 Watts
  • Tool features a comfort grip
  • Developed for many types of users.
  • Useful on more than 15 different surfaces
  • Comes with helpful instructions with tips, pointers and suggested techniques


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