Custom Interchangeable Characters

Custom_Slotted_Head_and_Interchangeable_CharactersCustom Hebrew Interchangeable Characters in a HolderPick most any Font and we will make it into Interchangeable CharactersHolder alongside a Full Custom Alphabet of Interchangeable CharactersDouble Line Custom Holder with Interchangeable CharactersThe Hebrew Alphabet made into Interchangeable Brandable Characters on an electric branding ironCustom Holder and Interchangeable Graphic Plates

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Product Description


When standard block-style characters (letters, numbers and symbols such as our Standard BIU font) won’t do, simply give us the name of the font (typeface) you want, along with the exact character size(s) you need and we will “get the ball rolling”.

Furthermore, if you need a certain configuration such as adding graphics to the holder, provide those graphics and we will incorporate them as if they were interchangeable characters.

If you need to brand more than 1 line at once, we will produce a holder with 2 or 3 slots, giving you the option to brand from 1 to 3 lines of text that you can change as needed to spell various words, phrases, numbers, dates, etc.

Should you want an image, such as a logo, permanently milled directly onto your character holder, we will design your holder to feature your image or logo where you it in relation to the slot(s) for your interchangeable characters.

Custom Interchangeable Characters and Custom holders can be made to accommodate your specific needs. Contact us with your specifications, as well as any questions you may have, and we will then design your holder accordingly. The possibilities are virtually unlimited!


  • Characters can be customized to meet many specifications: Character Size, Font, Special Characters
  • Slotted Head (Holder) can be customized to meet many specifications: Multiple lines for multiple lines of text, length, size, permanent images, layout, etc.
  • Made in-house at our USA facility.
  • Machined and Engraved with precision by an experienced team.
  • Deep engraved to 3/32″ for clear image transfer with no background marks.
  • Highly defined intricate contours.
  • Made of high-quality brass specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to 1165° F (630° C) and ensures good heat transfer.
  • Optimal thickness and Corosion Proof.
  • Choose as many or as few characters as you need.


Pricing is based on numerous factors:

  • Character Size
  • Number of Characters
  • Complexity of Font
  • Holder Size
  • Special Requests

To speak to a BIU Specialist click the Get a Quote button and provide us with as much info about your specifications that you can and someone will get back to you ASAP with a price quote.

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