Choice Rheostat-400W Temperature Control



Easily control the temperature of your branding iron and perfect it for your application.  Up to 400 Watts, it protects and prolongs the life of your heating tool.


Product Description


A Temperature Control Unit allows the user to find and set just the right degree of heat for any specific application. This accessory regulates the amount of power transferred into the heating element so the user can better control how dark the branded mark will be. A temperature control is a smart investment as it not only promotes continuous consistent marks, it also prolongs the life of the electric heating tool.

The Rheostat is a great standard temperature control. It’s built to handle the professional grade electric branding irons, up to 400W .


  • Solid state circuitry.
  • Three prong outlet designed to prevent plug from accidentally disconnecting.
  • Easy to read dial with on/off indicator.
  • Weighted base with nonskid feet.
  • Has a six-foot heavy duty flexible power cord.
  • One year Warranty

Additional Info

  • Handles up to 400 Watts throughput
    — For higher wattage irons, see our Heavy Duty Temperature Control
  • Dimensions: 3.75″ wide x 4.5″ deep x 2.0″ high
  • Maintains a consistent branding temperature for much improved control
  • Extends the reach of your iron when working on larger projects.
  • Maximizes the versatility of your iron.
  • 120v (US Voltage).


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