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Now through December 15, 2019


IMPORTANT: Custom orders may not ship in 2019. Thank you for your understanding.

20% off Ready-2-Brand Packages (branding head only)

Are you looking to brand simple text, a handwritten signature, or a monogram, with the option to include a graphic? Our Ready-2-Brand Packages are easy to customize branding irons. You can choose from our many unique design and styles, optimized to leave clear marks on wood or leather. Personalize a complete kit by selecting from a variety of choices including size, decorative designs, and/or heating tools.

Use discount code R2B2019 for a 20% off Ready-2-Brand Branding Heads!

Buy a Hexacon Electric Heating Tool; Get a 20% discount on a Hexacon Temperature Control Unit!

Buy a Hexacon Electric Heating Tool and get a 20% discount on a Hexacon TC-600 Heavy Duty Temperature Control Unit.

Our Branding Irons are comprised of two detachable main parts: the branding head and the handle or electric heating tool. (Excluding cattle and steak irons). This enables you to switch from fire heating your branding head to heating it with an electric heating tool. With you in mind, we designed our solid brass and stainless steel branding heads to be compatible and interchangeable with both fire-heated and electric heating tools.

Hexacon Electric Heating Tools provide reliable, consistent heat with the matching temperature control unit. This gives you a versatile combination for any application that requires multiple marks per heating cycle.

Use discount code TCU2019 for a 20% off a Hexacon TC-600 Heavy Duty Temperature Control Unit when you purchase a qualifying Hexacon Electric Healting Tool!