Branding Irons Unlimited - Burger Bun Brander

For you, the burger gourmet, this product was designed with you in mind. Wow your fine diners with branded burger buns and create a buzz around the table.

With a solid Stainless Steel Branding Head, you will find it easy to brand your logo or signature on burger and slider buns, hot dog buns, paninis and more.

Send us your logo and our experienced team will produce the precision-made stainless steel branding head you need. This all takes place in our Southern California facility, USA. These branding heads are deep engraved and, if need be, a beveling service is available. This is a good option that helps prevent background marks. Our solid stainless steel branding heads are easy to clean and, with minimal maintenance, will last a long time.

A Note About Our Electric Heating Tools:
Specifically designed for use in kitchens, our sealed electric heating tools are the preferred method for safety and efficiency. They are manufactured in the USA and are available for use in 120v and 220v-240v outlets. Adding a temperature control unit will enable you to brand continuously with minimal heat recovery time.

Contact us and, with your own Burger Bun Brander in hand, start enhancing your clientele’s wining and dining experience!