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Custom Branding Iron - Create Your Own Premium Package

Create a brand that will last a lifetime.

Create your own custom branding iron package. Provide the image height and width for your intended mark, then select the options that go well with your branding iron. Our in-house graphic designers will optimize your design. We use a manufacturing process that produces a cost-effective, high-quality branding head that leaves a clear image. Learn more...

The Premium Package is for professionals, businesses and organizations that want to mark items with a clear image or message. We produce custom branding irons for every surface and every purpose, whether you are adorning your creation with your logo, claiming ownership of an item or creating signs for your visitors. Learn more...

*The electric version of this product is intended for use only in countries that use 120 volts (North America)*

* Where will you be using this?
* Type of Use:
Light Duty Heavy Duty
3/8-16 female tapped hole for attaching handle or electric heating tool 5/8-11 male threaded shank for attaching a handle or an electric heating tool
Available in sizes up to 3.6 sq in Available in sizes up to 29.4 sq in
Compatible with light duty fire-heated handle and handheld electric heating tools only Compatible with heavy duty fire-heated handle, handheld electric heating tools, and drill-press heating tools
Cost effective solution, recommended for light use Recommended for heavy or industrial use

* Material to be marked
* Upload your artwork
To avoid delays with your order, we require your image to be black artwork on a white background. Please avoid or remove grey shading or colors. We prefer vector based artwork, but we also accept high resolution raster format. The image is reviewed by our Graphics Department. If there's an issue with the file or does not conform with these requirement, we will contact you.

We prefer black and white vector format (.eps .pdf .ai .dxf .dwg)
We also accept high resolution raster formats (.jpg .png .psd .tif .gif .bmp .wmf)

Please list the names of any fonts used in your artwork:

Extras: 0.00

* Please provide required fields. Thank you.

Project your best image.
Project your best image.

Our experienced graphic designers will optimize your artwork to ensure clear, readable marks on the material you'll be marking. You'll get a design proof to review before we start production on your custom branding iron. Whether you're branding wood, leather, rubber, plastic, cork, suede, bamboo or other materials, we'll optimize your design to make you and your brand look good.

Because quality matters.
Because quality matters.

The engraving depth on each branding head is 3/32" so that the branding iron will leave a clear image with no background marks. Extra relief and bevel options are available to help assure the clarity of your branded mark on a wider range of materials. That way your message comes in loud and clear. Every time.

The way you want it...
The way you want it...

We don't start production until you approve your design proof. Change any part of your design before you give us the go-ahead. Once we get your approval, your custom branding head is made to order right here in the U.S.A.

... When you want it
...When you want it.

After proof approval, our standard production time begins. See production speed drop down menu for more details. Expedited services are available as upgrades.

Because your brand is more than a label; it's a statement.

Are you a new customer or new to branding? Consider purchasing the basic package. (See the Basic and Premium Package Features section below for details.) For information and instructions on branding with fire-heated or electric branding irons, visit this page.

How to submit your artwork:

Requirements: Black artwork on a white background, with no grey shading or colors, saved as a vector based or high res (at least 600+dpi) raster format. If your file does not conform to these requirements, we have in-house graphic design services available and we will contact you with a quote. For more details on how to submit artwork, please click on Submitting Your Image/Art File to read more. If you have any questions, please call us at (818) 576-1101 or send us a message.

Basic and Premium Package Features

Find out which package suits your branding needs. Compare the basic and premium branding iron packages below.

Basic Premium
Good for branding wood, leather and plastic*
Upgradable to electric
Compatible with temperature control units when using electric heating tools
Branding heads are removable and interchangeable from the heating tool
Engraved in solid 0.750" thick brass
Engraving depth of 0.094" (3/32")
Depth upgrades available
Bevel upgrade available for preventing background marks on soft material
Limited sizes
All sizes
Sold in packages only
Sold as stand alone or packages
Easy design upload
Proof provided for review
Available online
Available in-store

*Branding irons for plastic: Artwork should have thin lines and no bold areas. Electric heating tool recommended.

Enter your artwork size, upload your logo, and we'll do the rest!

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