Branding Irons Unlimited - Cust Stain Steel Food Brand Irons

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Culinary professionals: Are you looking to take your art to the next level and impress your foodie clientele? With a solid Stainless Steel Branding Head, you will find it easy to leave your mark on your creations. Let us have your signature mark or logo and we’ll create a stainless steel branding head, specifically designed for branding both savory and sweet creations.

We make our stainless steel branding heads in our Southern California facility, right here in the USA. We deep-engrave them and, when necessary, bevel them as well, to prevent background marks. They are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe too. With proper care, your Stainless Steel Branding Head should last a long time.

Additional Advantages

Restaurant owners, you too can use our branding irons to leave a special mark on such items as wood-top tables, wooden platters, bill clipboards, and even leather or cardstock menu covers. Additionally, your kitchen staff can use our non-heated branding heads to imprint certain textured side dishes or even dough!

About our Electric Heating Tools

In an environment like a restaurant kitchen, safety, efficiency and a reliable branding tool are important. That is why we offer sealed electric heating tools. These are available for use in 120V and 220V-240V outlets.