Culinary professionals and foodies, get the conversation started around the table with branded works of edible art!

Our in-house graphics team will ensure an optimized proof that will support good branded marks. Our branding heads are thick to retain heat longer, meaning you can continue branding multiple food items without constantly having to reheat. You can brand everything from steaks, to coconuts, to burger and slider buns and much more! In addition to our selection of steak irons, we produce solid stainless steel branding heads. Included with our stainless steel branding irons is our beveling service for removing excess margins surrounding the image featured on the branding head. This helps prevent background marks on soft, textured food items. 

You can choose a handle for heating over an open flame or, for increased efficiency, we recommend a U.S. made sealed electric heating tool along with a temperature control unit. We offer U.S. sealed electric heating tools for plugging into 120V and 220V-240V outlets.

Enjoy deliciously branded savory and sweet treats and enhance the dining experience for you and your guests.

Tips for Branding Food

  • Branding bakery goods such as burger buns, bread and tortillas requires a lower temperature.
  • Set your temperature control unit to the lowest setting that allows you to create a branded image in a reasonable amount of time.
  • If the heated Stainless Steel Branding head tends to stick to your baked goods, do NOT immerse or dip it in oil. Instead spray a light coat of oil on a baking sheet or on a sheet of aluminum foil, and then lightly touch the branding head to the oiled surface during your branding session, as needed.