We specialize in manufacturing Custom Branding Irons for plastic and rubber surfaces. Mark tires, plastic crates, traffic cones, rental equipment and more. Our in-house graphics team will ensure an optimized proof that will support good branded marks. Our branding heads are substantial in thickness to retain heat longer. This means you can brand several pieces without constantly having to pause and reheat. We can even make branders for items with curved surfaces. Check out our Custom Curved Surface Branders!

Tips for branding plastic and rubber:

  • While many kinds of plastic respond well to heat, a select few such as Kydex, often have better results with a steel stamp. Contact us for more details.
  • A heated branding head works by melting the plastic that it is marking, displacing the melted plastic. For this reason, thin fonts and lightweight lines of logos and designs are ideal.
  • Using an electric heating tool in combination with a temperature control unit will make your task easier. We offer U.S. electric heating tools for plugging into 120V and 220V-240V outlets.
  • For high volume branding, using a drill press mounting electric heating tool increases accuracy and efficiency.