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Custom Extra Large Branding Heads

Custom Extra Large Branding Heads

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We specialize in branding irons for extra large images, logos or text. Our Extra Large Brass Branding Heads are over 6" in size. An extra large branding head may need to be fitted with more than one heating tool. If necessary, we attach it to two or three heating tools to ensure even heat distribution. Learn more...

Additional Info

When three electric heating tools are used, the center heating tool can be connected to a DP model electric heating tool (for mounting in a compatible drill press that can support the combined weight of the assembled branding iron). Using a drill press supports accuracy and efficiency while reducing the operator’s effort, as the weight of the branding head becomes insignificant. Based on the square inches of the branding head face, we will figure out the right heating tool(s) necessary for making the task at hand easy.

Extra large branding heads are a practical marking method, giving the project an organic appearance. It is a popular marking option for outdoor signage such as nature trails and botanical gardens.

For Custom Branding Heads up to 6” in size, visit our Custom Multi-Purpose Brass Branding Heads page. 
Need to spell out names, phrases, text or codes? Visit our Extra Large Interchangeable Characters page.


  • Branding Head size is over 6"
  • Precision milled and engraved to support clear branded marks
  • Minimum 1" thick to help prevent warping and for prolonged heat retention
  • Image raised 3/32″ to prevent background marks
  • Made concave or convex for branding evenly curved surfaces

Other Details

  • Price is based on total square inches and image complexity
  • Designed to work with our Electric Heating Tools (Each Sold Separately)
  • Based on size, one or more heating tools may be necessary
  • Branding heads between 2.1” sq. and 35” sq. can be used with our PRO-1000 propane heating tool 
  • Heating over an open flame is an option, but not ideal
  • In-house Graphic Design services available.
  • Suitable for branding non-edibles only.


Custom made to order upon receipt of your proof approval. After proof approval, our standard production time begins. Speak to an associate for more details: (818) 576-1101
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    Our branding specialist was quick to respond, super professional and accommodating to calls and questions me and my vendor needed in order to perform the work. Thank you!