Comparison of Products

Basic Branding Iron
If you have a logo, design or artwork that you wish to brand, or you are just getting started with branding, this branding head is for you. Basic branding irons have a 10 business day standard production speed. For faster production choose either one of our personalized products with pre-made designs, or our light or heavy duty branding irons!

Personalized Branding Irons
Want to brand your handwritten signature, a monogram, or text with or without one of our premade designs? With our personalized products, you can customize your branding head and build your own package by choosing the design and selecting the heating tool you want. Personalized Products have a 5 business day standard production speed with options available for rush production.

Light or Heavy Duty Branding Irons
Our light and heavy duty branding iron products feature the largest selection of options available anywhere on the market. From the image size, to engraving depth, bevel upgrades, and clip-art selections, you can create a branding iron that is truly unique and exactly what you're looking for. Our interactive live preview shows the changes and adjustments to the design you make and how your branding iron will be produced. Light and heavy duty branding irons have a 5 business day standard production speed with rush options available.

Basic Package Personalized Collection Light Duty Custom Branding Irons Heavy Duty Custom Branding Irons
Works on a variety of materials
Limited size options
Wide variety of size options
Upload your custom logo
Pre-designed templates
Clip-art options
Design Tool with Live Preview on Product Page
Branding heads are removable and interchangeable from the heating tool
Depth upgrades available
Bevel upgrade available for preventing background marks on soft material
Engraving depth of 3/32"
Engraved in solid 3/4" thick brass
Upgradable to electric