Graphic Design Assistance

General Information

Once an order has been placed for branding straight text, using one of the thousands of fonts we have, branding an image from our Clip Art Gallery, or a combination of both, we prepare well-balanced layouts
free of charge!
 If you submit your own vector image file, and our Graphics Department evaluation determines it is “good-to-go”, then we will use it as-is or in combination with any straight lines of text you may need.

Based on the image you submit, your specifications and clarification of what you need to brand, our representatives will be glad to share ideas and make recommendations that will support good results.

Taking your specific branding needs and image size requirements into consideration, our Graphics Department carefully evaluates your submitted image to the smallest of details. Our experienced team has what it takes to optimize images for proofs needed by our production department.

After your custom order is entered, your representative will continue to work with you and our Graphic Design department, to ensure a high quality proof. A proof comprised of highly defined details results in a branding head with highly defined contours. In turn, the quality branding head will support clear branded marks.

Your representative will email you the proof for your review and approval via return email. Please note that for some products such as our Basic branding package and for Ready-2-Brand packages, no proofs are sent before production begins.

Essential Capabilities

Basic Restoration
When the only image available is of low resolution or poor quality, our designers can restore the quality of the image.

We recreate and convert raster images into vector images, suitable for computerized engraving and milling.

Vector Optimization
Vector images prepared for printing often need to be altered and optimized for computerized engraving and milling. Our Graphics team has the necessary skills to take care of such images, while preserving their original look.

When images and font characters may compromise the clarity of the branded mark, we can fine-tune them to make them suitable for engraving and milling a branding head with clearly defined contours.

Special Capabilities

Advanced Restoration
When an image is of extremely poor quality, we can restore the image back to its original shape and form.

Digitizing Illustrations
When the only image available is an illustration or hard copy, our designers can trace and recreate the image in a Vector format.

Adjusting Clip-Art
Our designers can alter clip-art from our Clip Art Gallery to give it a unique, new look.

Customizing a Font
When it comes to leaving a truly unique mark, customizing a font can give your branding head an exclusive feel. Our designers are well versed in fontography and can do everything from altering a font to converting hard copy text into a tailored font.

Modifying Fonts
Our designers are well versed in modifying font characters to give your branded text an original look.

Removing 3D Elements
Images containing drop shadows, and other elements that appear three-dimensional, can interfere with production, as well as the quality of the branded mark. While preparing an optimal proof for a branding head, our graphic artists can modify or, when necessary, remove these elements.

Unique Solutions
The skills of our Graphics team are not limited to the capabilities listed above. If you have the vision, we have the know-how.