Branding Irons Unlimited - Quality Assurance and Guarantee

Quality Assurance and Guarantee

A Few Words About Us

In our continuous effort to be your one-stop manufacturer and supplier of branding irons, we carefully listen to you to gain clear understanding of your branding needs. We focus on providing you with the best possible branding equipment option for your specific application.

How Do We Do It

We use of quality brass and stainless steel, state-of-the art CNC equipment, and our experienced team deliver quality you can count on.

Our Guarantee

All custom and non-custom products shipped out of our facility are guaranteed to be free of defects.

After Receiving Your Order:

The longevity of your branding iron, head and heating tool, depends on proper use and proper storage. A detailed printout of our Instructions & Care (as well as the manufacture’s) are provided with each order. When you need a second printout, you can visit our Instructions and Care page.

If You Are Not Completely Satisfied

Please contact your representative for assistance at your earliest convenience.

About Our Solid Brass and Stainless Steel Branding Heads

As long as the branding head is kept clean (per our Instructions and Care information), never over heated and safely stored away when not in use, they should last a long time. This is because branding does not involve impact and requires minimal force.

A Quality Branding Head Starts with an Optimized Proof

Our in-house experienced graphics team ensures that your logo, design or text are optimized for computerized engraving and the best possible end-result. Every branding head we make starts off with an actual size proof and, for custom orders, we proceed only when we receive your approval of our proof.

About Our Electric Heating Tools

Manufacturers’ warranties are included with select products and Branding Irons Unlimited will handle defects and repairs on your behalf.

About Your Electric Branding Iron

Our branding heads are designed specifically for use with the electric heating tools we offer. Recommended guidelines for pairing a BIU branding head with an electric heating tool can be found on each individual product page. Failure to follow these guidelines as well as using any branding head not produced by BIU may compromise the integrity of any electric heating tool BIU offers, and may void manufacturer’s warranty.

About Fire-Heated Branding Irons

  1. To prevent the branding head from warping avoid over-heating it -- Never heat up to the point of a dull red hue.
  2. To prevent the branding iron from melting, never leave it in a fire unattended.

NOTE: For optimal control of the heat of your brass and stainless steel branding heads, consult us regarding upgrading to an electric heating tool, along with a temperature control unit. For additional information, review our Instructions & Care page

When You Have Materials You’ve Never Branded Before

With us you need to be concerned. Simply ask us to evaluate samples of your materials. If need be, we will test-mark your sample FREE of charge and then guide you accordingly. Some materials respond better to being stamped with a metal stamp as opposed to being branded with heat. In such cases, the representative assisting you will make the necessary recommendations and provide you with a quote too. Infinity Stamps, our parent company, shares the same facility as Branding Irons Unlimited and your representative can assist you with any marking tools you may need for any application.