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Heavy Duty Custom Branding Iron

Heavy Duty Custom Branding Iron

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Make a brand that lasts a lifetime.

We produce custom branding irons for every surface and every purpose, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, our high-quality branding irons are capable of making a finished mark that is crisp and clear. Learn more...

Watch our video tutorial for tips on how to use this product page to customize your brand! Prefer to connect with our sales team? Click here to contact us!

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Additional Info

Criteria Light Duty Heavy Duty
Attachment Type
3/8"-16 tapped hole
5/8"-11 threaded shank for fire heated & electric,
or two 5/16" diameter rods for propane heating tool (with faster heat up times)
Size Available in smaller sizes (check product page for available sizes) Available in larger sizes (check product page for available sizes)
Durability Durable for light use More durable for heavy or commercial use
Heating Tools Compatible with Light Duty heating tools (Fire Heated or Electric) Compatible with Heavy Duty heating tools (Fire Heated or Electric), or PRO-1000 propane heating tool
Heat Transfer Efficient heat transfer for electric tools More efficient heat transfer for electric tools due to the larger connection between the heating tool and the branding head

Because quality matters.
Because quality matters.

The engraving depth on each branding head is 3/32" so that the branding iron will leave a clear image with no background marks. Extra relief and bevel options are available to help assure the clarity of your branded mark on a wider range of materials. That way your message comes in loud and clear. Every time.

The way you want it...
The way you want it...

The live preview above shows the customizations you make and how your branding head will be produced. We typically do not send any artwork proof once the order has been submitted. The live preview serves as the proof of your artwork. If we feel that any changes are needed for the clarity or ability to produce the branding head as you have designed, we will contact you with a quote for any additional charges required to make the necessary alterations and will then send a proof for your review and approval if you decide to proceed.  Once we receive your order, your custom branding head is made right here in the U.S.A.

... When you want it
...When you want it.

One business day after ordering, our standard production time begins. See production speed drop down menu for more details. Expedited services are available as upgrades.

Because your brand is more than a label; it's a statement.

Are you a new customer or new to branding? Consider purchasing the basic package. For information and instructions on branding with fire-heated or electric branding irons, visit this page.


  • Branding head is 3/4" thick for optimal heat retention
  • Included Engraving Depth of 3/32” to prevent background marks (deeper engraving options also available)
  • 5/8 - 11 threaded shank for attaching a handle or electric heating tools
  • If selecting the Sievert Propane burner the branding head will be produced with two 5/16" diameter rods for attachment to the propane heating tool
  • Temperature Control Unit options available for electric heating tools

Other Details

  • Made and assembled in-house in the USA
  • Fast Production & Worldwide shipping
  • 220v-240v electric heating tools available for international customers
  • Suitable for branding non-edibles only.
  • Standard Production speed of 5 business days (Rush options available)

How to submit your artwork:

Requirements: Black artwork on a white background, with no grey shading or colors, saved as a vector based or high res (at least 600+dpi) raster format. If your file does not conform to these requirements, we have in-house graphic design services available and we will contact you with a quote. For more details on how to submit artwork, please click on Submitting Your Image/Art File to read more. If you have any questions, please call us at (818) 576-1101 or send us a message.


*Branding irons for plastic: Artwork should have thin lines and no bold areas. Electric heating tool recommended.

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