Branding Irons Unlimited - Shipping & Production Speed Opts.

Shipping and Production Speed Options

We Offer Worldwide Shipping!

Domestically, we ship via UPS and USPS.

We ship worldwide via DHL and UPS International.

We also ship “Freight Collect” per our customers’ requests.

How soon do Stock Products Ship Out?

How soon do Custom and Personalized Online Orders Ship Out?

Please refer to “Availability” on the product page(s) you selected.

How Soon Are Custom Orders Ready?

Please take the following factors into consideration:

  1. Production Speed Options – For additional details, visit our Custom Orders page.
  2. Time in Transit -- From the moment your order leaves our facility to the moment it is delivered to you, time in transit would depend on the shipping method and option you select. Your representative will be glad to discuss shipping options with you and make suggestions that would help support delivery in a timely manner or by your deadline.

Production Speed Options

On most items we offer three production speed options: