Big Tine

“Thank you so much for such amazing service with getting our Big Tine branding iron to us. We were on a short deadline and you were very helpful in getting us the electric drill press branding iron we needed. Our owner is very pleased with how it turned out. I know on future projects, if we need something branding wise, I will definitely be coming back to you guys! Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools, and I will be mentioning your company to anyone who is looking into branding irons. Again, on behalf of Scott Pet Products, thank you very much!!”

Angela Harden 
Scott Pet Products - Big Tine

Are Audio

“I have used one of your fire-heated branding irons on countless audio projects, and judging by the high quality craftsmanship and materials I’m sure that it will continue to do its job for many years to come. I highly recommend this product from Branding Irons Unlimited!”

Ross Connolly

Are Audio

Are Audio uses their Fire-Heated branding iron and Multipurpose Brass Branding Head to mark their logo.

Stephan Quissac

"I am manager of a Food Truck in France, and for me to mark my bread was a priority. After much research, I came across this site and I decided to send an email. Julie my correspondent, answered me in very quick time, either for its information or once the product ordered. And even today.

In France companies like this are rare and I must say I’m really pleased. The product meets and arrived in very quick time. The designer of the logo has reworked it twice to get a result that matches my expectations.

All that to say, Branding Irons and now you.

So you can work with them eyes closed!"

Stephan Quissac

Stéphan Quissac uses a food-safe Stainless Steel Food Branding head with an electric branding head.

Mitchell Dillman - Craftsman

"Just wanted to Thank You and let you know, after applying thousands of brands on all of our Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Wildfire Furniture Collections, your awesome branding irons are still making their mark as if they were brand new. You’ve left a lasting impression with thousands of happy customers all over our city! Thank You for crafting such quality products."


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mitchell Dillman has used his branding iron quite a bit.

Kutsko Kitchen

“I found Branding Irons Unlimited online. They were very helpful at analyzing my branding requirements and directing me to an affordable electric heating unit package with a custom head for my logo. I communicated with several staff members by email to get the custom head sized just right. Overall, it was a very easy process.
The directions were very straightforward after my equipment arrived. I was worried that the “KITCHEN” in my logo wouldn’t show up clearly. Despite the small size and thin font, the clarity of the “KITCHEN” is very crisp. The look of the dark brand is fantastic on the maple wood I use. I’m very pleased with the service and product I received. I highly recommend this business.”

Nate Kutsko

Kutsko Kitchen

Nate Kutsko uses BIU’s Food Safe Branding Irons to give his uniquely featured cutting boards a logo with the “iconic dark color of a heated brand”.You can find more of his company’s professional grade cutting boards at: kutskokitchen.com

Backyard Bakes

"The branding iron is great-you can see it in one of the pictures. Everyone thinks the logo branded on my wooden food box is very impressive. I always mention that a company in California called Branding Irons Unlimited created the branding iron but I unashamedly take full credit for the “brilliant” idea in the first place! Anyway…it certainly authenticates this piece of my clambake package and also serves as a pretty good marketing tool since a clambake is almost always the central part of an event. Needless to say, I am delighted with your products and it has been very nice doing business with you." 

Gene Goldsmith

Backyard Bakes

Gene uses his branding iron to mark his “wooden boxes,” which are specifically made for cooking clams at parties or casual friend and family gatherings. Click on the banner to visit his web site www.backyardbakes.com.

Green Mountain Knitting Bags

"The stamp arrived yesterday afternoon, much sooner than I had expected. I love it. It’s exactly what I wanted. Superior quality and easy to use. It gives a quality finished look that both my husband and I agree is better than what we had expected…clear & precise. Thanks to all who took the care & time to make sure I received just what I wanted." 

Martha Sacco
Green Mountain Knitting Bags

All Purpose

"We could not have been happier with the results and, I must say, the fire-heated iron was relatively easy to master and it was quite fun to do…
…thanks for getting it [the branding iron] out to us so quickly. We have already brandied our leather patches and they look amazing!

Thanks again for answering all of my questions and concerns."

Allesandro Tomassetti
All Purpose

All Purpose uses their fire heated branding iron to mark the leather labels on their limited edition jeans.You can find more about All Purpose at www.shopallpurpose.com

Dove Cottage Crafts

“I am so pleased, the branding irons turned out even better than I had hoped for. As you can see in the photo, even with the old western font we chose, the brand is clear, easy to read. It really gives the cases that authentic “Old West” flare I wanted.

The electric branding iron lets me quickly brand the cases with my own logo on one side and the name of the gunfighter whose wood I used to make that pen on the other side. Also, as I find more woods that have a historic connection to other Old West Gunfighters and characters, it has been a cost effective way for me add more gunfighter’s names to the collection.

I can’t wait to order Doc Holiday’s branding iron from you. I really want to thank you for taking the time in helping me design the irons and coming up with the most versatile, high quality yet affordable way to give each pen it’s own unique leather case. Your staff is both friendly and creative and they really know their stuff. It has been a real pleasure to do business with them.

Tommie Lou Whittingslow
Dove Cottage Crafts

Tommie Lou uses BIU’s Electric Branding Iron and Brass Branding Head to give her line of pens made from historic wood an authentic “old west“ flair.