To brand text, dates, etc., with an option to rearrange characters, our Custom Brass Interchangeable Characters with holders will meet your needs. Choose virtually any existing font for the characters you want in both uppercase and lowercase letters*. Simply give us the name of the font and include the character size and the number of characters you need. 

We can make a holder with 2 or 3 slots (channels), as needed for branding more than 1 line, giving you the option to brand from 1 to 3 lines of text all at once. Use it to spell words, short phrases, numbers, dates, etc. Your account manager will recommend the most suitable heating tool (sold separately) for your holder.

To add a logo or another image to the holder, provide your art file, and we will combine it, either permanently or as an insert. Whatever your need may be, we can make you Custom Interchangeable Characters and a Custom holder that you will enjoy using. The possibilities are virtually unlimited!

*A Few Words About Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
As there’s an endless array of fonts, sometimes uppercase letters are not identical in height. In such cases, we may need to make adjustments. When it comes to lowercase letters, some fonts have ascenders and descenders of varying heights. Other fonts may have extremely wide letters, especially letters like “M” and “W”. Again, such letters may also need adjustment and you can count on the services of our in-house graphics team to get the job done. The advantage of individual characters is that you can pick and choose only the characters you need and as many of each character you want.

If you are interested in Interchangeable Characters in a standard block-style font, please visit our Interchangeable Characters page.