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Enter the height and width of your artwork below and we will calculate the size of your artwork area and show you all the products that fit within that range!

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Now you can purchase a complete custom branding iron right here and right away. Simply find the size most suitable for your application. Once you decide on the size (width x height) all that’s left to do is select the product by the square inches indicated directly above its price. For assistance, please contact us via our Live-Chat, phone or email. 

Note: If you are purchasing a Branding Head only, make sure your heating tool is compatible. Click here to view our Wattage and Compatible Size Guide.

NOTE: The branding irons in this collection are suitable for wood, leather and other similar materials. They are intended for branding non-edibles only.
For branding food, please click here.
For Steak Branding Irons, click here.