Custom Branding Heads

Custom Multi-Purpose Brass Branding Heads

The branding head is the most important part of your complete branding iron (Heating Tools Sold Separately). Our Brass Branding Heads are the ultimate multi-purpose branding solution. Wood, leather, rubber, plastic, cork, suede, bamboo, straw, foam and even Plexiglas can all be easily and permanently marked with a brass branding head. Each and every branding head is custom made to order in our manufacturing facility. With experienced graphic designers and the latest in CNC manufacturing technology, we produce highly detailed branding heads that yield unmatched branded marks.Learn more...

You Can Now Order Our Most Popular Custom Branding Iron Sizes Online!

Custom Branding Head Banner
Custom Branding Iron Banner - Fire Heated
Custom Branding Iron Banner - Electric 120v
Custom Branding Iron Banner - Electric 240v


  • Custom made to order in our US manufacturing facility.
  • Image raised 3/32″ to ensure clear brands with no background marks.
  • Made of high quality brass to withstanding heat up to 1165° F (630° C)
  • 3/4" thick for prolonged heat retention
  • Flat, Concave or Convex, for branding various surfaces.
  • Artwork optimized to support best possible results

Other Details

  • Mark size & complexity determine cost
  • Designed to work with Electric and Propane heating tools or as a Fire-Heated iron (Each Sold Separately)
  • Can be made as small or as large as desired. 
  • In-house Graphic Design services available.
  • Suitable for branding non-edibles only.


Custom made to order upon receipt of your proof approval. After proof approval, our standard production time begins. Speak to an associate for more details: (818) 576-1101

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