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Freeze Livestock Brander

Freeze Livestock Brander

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Our freeze brander is a great choice for marking horses and livestock for the purposes of herd management and as a theft deterrent. The iron, when properly used and chilled with a coolant, changes the pigment-producing hair cells to leave a white mark through the hair that regrows. It is the preferable marking method for horses and is less damaging to the coat than heat methods.

Our staff works with you to get the design you want so you can be assured you are getting a brander that will leave the right mark for many years to come.


  • Crafted from high-quality bronze
  • Custom made to your specifications
  • Can withstand the stress of very low temperatures
  • Head size should not exceed 6" in height or width
  • Comes with 16" long handle


Custom made to order upon receipt of your proof approval.
Ships within approximately 4 weeks after approval of the proof.

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