Our Branding Irons are comprised of two detachable main parts: The branding head and the handle or Heating tool. (Excluding cattle and steak irons). This enables you to switch from fire heating your branding head to heating it with an electric heating tool. With you in mind, we designed our solid brass and stainless steel branding heads to be compatible and interchangeable with both fire-heated and electric heating tools.

For those of you who need to brand out in the field or where electricity is not available, we offer another practical branding solution: The Pro-1000-Propane Heating Tool. It can easily be hooked up to a standard propane source, heating up quickly, and offering the option to adjust flame intensity and spacing between the flame and the branding head.

Whether you need to brand just a few pieces at a time or have a high volume project, we have the heating tool for you. If you want to use an electric heating tool, we offer tools that can plug into a 120V outlet or 220V-240V outlets.

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