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For branding alphanumeric text that needs to be rearranged for various codes, dates, words, etc. our Interchangeable Characters and holders are a practical solution. Slide these precision-milled Interchangeable Characters in and out of our holders with ease. The advantage of our individual characters is that you can pick and choose only the characters you need, and as many of each character necessary for any required branded mark. In addition, our Standard BIU Font is also practical as it is designed with condensed characters that allow for compact, clear branded marks.

Our “Create Your Own Package” products allow you to choose your holder size and pick from various heating options. For example you can choose a fire-heated handle, electric handheld or drill-press mounting tool. You will also be offered a temperature control unit (recommended).

Choose the holder size (length) based on its capacity, considering the longest branded mark needed, including spacers. We offer holders in different styles, designed to connect to the various heating tools we offer, as shown below.

For Interchangeable Characters larger than 1" high, made with our Standard BIU font or with virtually any other font, visit our Custom Interchangeable Characters collection.