Branding Irons for Food and Stamps for Ice

Create a brand they'll remember.

Be a part of memorable moments. People go to outings with friends, romantic dates, family barbecues, holiday dinners, brunches, business lunches, parties, weddings, conferences and other gatherings every day. These moments aren't just memories in the making. They're opportunities to leave your mark.

Play it cool and stamp your ice...

Heat things up by branding your burger buns...

Hit the sweet spot with marks on coconuts and fruit rinds...

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Take your food creations to the next level.

Our stainless steel branding irons for food are the ultimate solution for grill masters, restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, catering companies and event planners that want to leave their mark. We produce branding irons for a wide range of food products including burger buns, steaks and coconuts. Your branded food is sure to be a great conversation piece that entertains your guests.

Plan for every detail, down to the ice in their drinks.

While you're thinking of branding those coconuts or lemon slices, remember that you can mark ice as well. We make ice stamps from lead-free, food-safe brass. They don't require heating and leave an imprint within seconds. We've got you covered whether you're marking ice with curved or flat surfaces.

Leave an impression that lasts with a product that lasts.

Our solid stainless steel branding irons are easy to clean with a stainless steel bristle brush, and they're dishwasher-safe. With proper care, your branding iron should last a long, long time.

Optimized to project your best image.

Our experienced graphic designers will optimize your artwork to ensure clear, readable marks based on your selected surface. Our CNC manufacturing process allows us to deep-engrave the branding iron heads and stamp heads and mill away the excess metal surrounding your image to help prevent background marks. All of our products are optimized to get your message across with the clearest possible mark. This is a high priority for us--because your brand is more than a signature; it's a statement.

All custom branding heads and stamps are made to order in our U.S.-based manufacturing facility.

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Tips for Branding Food

  • Branding bakery goods such as burger buns, bread and tortillas requires a lower temperature.
  • Set your temperature control unit to the lowest setting that allows you to create a branded image in a reasonable amount of time.
  • If the heated stainless steel branding head tends to stick to your baked goods, do NOT immerse or dip it in oil. Instead spray a light coat of oil on a baking sheet or on a sheet of aluminum foil, and then lightly touch the branding head to the oiled surface during your branding session, as needed.

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