Custom Branding Irons for Woodworkers

Create a brand that will last a lifetime.

Branding Irons Unlimited custom branding irons are the ultimate solution for woodworkers who want to leave an impression. Our branding irons are tailored to your needs whether you're branding furniture, cutting boards or surfboards. Submit a quote request if you have a project in mind or read on to learn more.

Brand your woodworking projects with confidence.

Our high-quality brass branding heads withstand heat up to 1165° F (630° C), which is ideal when you need hotter temperatures for marking dense and hard woods. Also, our custom branding heads are optimized to brand both against the grain and with the grain of the wood you are marking. That way your custom design will leave a solid mark whether you are marking the edge or surface of a project.

These custom branding irons are available with fire-heated handles, however the branding heads are interchangeable. You can attach different branding heads to your fire-heated handle. Or you can attach the branding head of your choice to an electric heating tool. This heating tool is useful if your goal is to make multiple consistent marks.

Project your best image with a Branding Irons Unlimited product.

Our experienced graphic designers will optimize your artwork to ensure clear, readable marks on wood surfaces. Our CNC manufacturing process will translate your design into a branding iron with unmatched clarity. We use precise specifications to ensure your branding head leaves quality marks. This is a high priority for us--because your wood brand is more than a label; it's a work of art.

Product Details:

  • High-quality brass withstands heat up to 1165° F (630° C), ideal for marking dense and hard woods
  • Branding irons for curved surfaces are available upon request
  • Branding head is 3/4" thick to retain heat and reduce the need to reheat when making multiple marks
  • Engraving depth is 3/32″ to ensure a clear image with no background marks; extra relief options are available
  • Branding heads are designed to work with a fire-heated handle or with electric and propane heating tools (sold separately)

All custom branding heads are made to order in our U.S.-based manufacturing facility.

Tips for branding wood:

  • It takes a higher degree of heat and a slightly longer dwell time to brand hardwoods such as oak.
  • Branded marks on soft wood tend to bleed, but you can easily sand away the “halo” surrounding your branded image.
  • Using an electric heating tool in combination with a temperature control unit makes the task simpler. We offer electric heating tools compatible with 120V and 220V-240V outlets.
  • For high volume branding, using a drill press mounted electric heating tool increases accuracy and efficiency.

Interested in purchasing a branding iron for wood?

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