This selection of handheld and drill press model heating tools is designed to work with 220V-240V, without the need for a voltage converter. These tools come with a plug adapter corresponding with the outlets used in your specific country. Simply specify the country in which the branding will be done, and we will set you up with the right tool for the job

Use a 220V-240V temperature control unit to brand with minimal heat recovery time. The model is selected based on the size of the branding head(s) needed. The larger the size, the higher the wattage required.

Model Wattage Min Area Max Area Head Style
BI-P115 175W 0.2" sq. 3.7" sq. Tapped Hole
BI-225 250W 1.6" sq. 6.5" sq. Threaded Shank
BI-225B 250W 1.6" sq. 6.5" sq. Threaded Shank
BI-350 350W 6.5" sq. 15" sq. Threaded Shank
BBI-500 500W 15" sq. 21" sq. Threaded Shank
BI-800 800W 21" sq. 33" sq. Threaded Shank