Electric branding irons for mounting in a drill press (DP models) are comprised of a US manufactured electric heating tool and a custom branding head made right here, in our Southern California facility. These 120V electric DP heating tools are available in 250w, 250w, 500w and 700w. The appropriate wattage depends on the size of the branding head. For additional details, see “Wattage” and “Max Area” chart further down this product collection page.

Drill Press Mounted Heating Tools are especially suited for accuracy, efficiency and high volume branding. With a secure setup on the drill press table, utilizing a DP model branding iron ensures that every product is branded in the exact same spot and orientation. Before starting your branding project, turn the drill press off and then securely mount your DP model branding iron in your drill press chuck. Next, plug in your branding iron, let it heat up your branding head for about 20-30 minutes, test it on a scrap piece of the same material as your product and start branding. With minimal heat-recovery-time, continuous branding is in your hands. A drill press mounted branding iron is perfect for achieving professional branded marks each and every time, on both flat and curved surfaces.

To gain maximum control use a temperature control unit. This product will help you find and set the right degree of heat for any application. Using this practical accessory completes any electric branding iron, allowing for continuous branding with the best results possible.

For our international customers in countries with 220V-240V outlets, interested in the drill press mounting electric branding irons, check out our 220V-240V electric heating tools.

Model Wattage Min Area Max Area Head Style
DP-225 250W 1.6" sq. 6.5" sq. Threaded Shank
DP-350 350W 6.5" sq. 15" sq. Threaded Shank
DP-500 500W 15" sq. 21" sq. Threaded Shank
DP-700 700W 21" sq. 29" sq. Threaded Shank