Branding Irons Unlimited - Electric D.P. Heating Tools

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Electric Drill Press Mounting Heating Tools are for high volume branding, accuracy and efficiency. With a secure setup on the drill press table, utilizing a drill press iron ensures every product is branded in the exact same spot. These tools are engineered and designed for durability.

Our selection of Drill Press Mounting Heating Tools includes units for 120V (typically used in North America) as well as units for 220V-240V outlets. They are available in wattages from 250W up to 700W. Use a temperature control unit to help you set the right degree of heat, enabling you to brand with minimal recovery time.

Model Wattage Min Area Max Area
DP-225 250W 1.6" sq. 6.5" sq.
DP-350 350W 6.5" sq. 15" sq.
DP-500 500W 15" sq. 21" sq.
DP-700 700W 21" sq. 29" sq.