Branding Irons Unlimited - Wedding-2-Brand Packages

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There’s nothing quite like freshly branded wood to give your wedding a rustic feel. In outdoor settings or with a country theme, branding is a great way to decorate and style your wedding to give it your own signature look. Branding items for weddings is a fast growing trend. Both your branded décor and party favors will surely add to your guests’ experience.

Check out our Wedding-2-Brand design options, also popular for anniversaries, vow renewals, and other celebrations of love.

Choose the design that best showcases your love and devotion; personalize it with your names or initials and your special event date to create a branded memory that will last a lifetime. From branded coasters to centerpieces, your application options are virtually unlimited, including branding “Save-The-Date” cards or wedding invitations. That’s right; you can brand card stock as well. Simply enter your online order and prepare to add flair to your special day!

 NOTE: The branding irons in this collection are suitable for wood, leather and other similar materials. They are intended for branding non-edibles only.
For branding food, please click here.
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