Brass Branding Heads

We produce our brass branding heads in two main styles, light duty and heavy duty, which correspond to the type and wattage of heating tool required based on the size of branding head which was requested. 

Our standard engraving depth for marking most material is 3/32", although deeper engraving depths are available as an upgrade.
Your account manager may quote a deeper engraving depth to start if you are marking soft or malleable materials such as foam.

Ask your account manager if you would like the engraving depth upgraded to either 1/8", 3/16", or 1/4"

All of our brass branding heads for fire-heated or electric branding are produced 3/4" thick for durability and optimal heat retention. This allows our irons to be capable of making multiple marks in one pass, even if heating the branding head with a propane torch intermittently.


For most materials, we recommend beveling the excess material surrounding the image area on the branding head to ensure a clear transfer of your intended artwork or logo and to minimize the chance of getting background or stray marks that are not intended to be part of the logo or design.

Have other questions about the branding head quoted on your estimate? You can reply via email to the estimate you received with any questions and your account manager will answer you shortly. You can also always give us a call at: 818-576-1101 Monday - Friday between 8 AM - 4PM PST