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Heating Tool Replacement Adapters

Heating Tool Replacement Adapters

When another adapter is needed, these replacement adapters are the perfect solution. Simply pick your heating tool and give it a go. Learn more...

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  • Made in the USA
  • Solid Brass

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Fits the following Branding Irons Unlimited heating tools:

Adapter Model Dimensions Compatible With

Weller 80 Watt

.375" diameter x 1.650"

Weller 80 Watt

Weller SP-120

.500" diameter x 2.530"

Weller SP-120

Weller SP-175

.625" diameter x 2.520"

Weller SP-175

Hakko 557V-V12

.625" diameter x 2.840"

Hakko 200 Watt

Hexacon BI-P115

.375" diameter x 2.660"

Hexacon 175 Watt


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