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Light Use Custom Branding Iron for Slider Buns - Design Online

Light Use Custom Branding Iron for Slider Buns - Design Online

Our light use, stainless steel branding irons for medium sized food items are an excellent solution for restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, catering companies and event planners that want to leave their mark on slider sized burger buns and other food items. Create a memorable experience with your personal or commercial brand. Your mark is more than a label - it's a statement. Learn more...

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Project your best image with a Branding Irons Unlimited product. Our CNC manufacturing process will translate your design into a branding iron with unmatched clarity.

Visit our Instagram #foodbranded page for ideas and inspiration.

Product Details

  • Branding head is made of high-quality, food safe stainless steel.
  • Branding head is interchangeable and has a 3/8" tapped hole (female thread) on the back for connection to heating tool.
  • Branding head is engraved 3/32" deep and beveled to ensure a clear mark and to minimize background marks.
  • Branding head is durable, dishwasher safe and corrosion proof.
  • Uploaded artwork is reviewed for marking slider buns. If we encounter any problem with the artwork provided on your order, we will contact you to advise how we can proceed.
  • Live Preview shown of your customizations. Uploaded logo and entered text can be moved and resized. The changes you make in the live preview will be then be produced on your custom stainless steel head.
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