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Wax Seal Stamp

Wax Seal Stamp

Upload your logo and use the live preview to customize how you would like the finished stamped mark to appear! All artwork that appears as white in the live preview will be the negative area in the stamp, allowing for the logo/artwork to be slightly raised in the final stamped mark. Your uploaded logo will be automatically inverted for production as a sunk engraved stamp. For this reason, your artwork file should be solid black on a plain white background (no color, gradients, or shading).

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  • Wax seal stamp is produced as a sunk engraved stamp, with any areas in white being the recessed portion of the stamp face, allowing for the final mark to be slightly raised in the wax.
  • Includes plastic handle for a secure grip and easy use.
  • Engraved .030" deep to allow for maximum detail and even flow of the wax into the recessed artwork.
    • 3/8 - 16 tapped hole for attaching included handle

    Other Details

      • Made and assembled in-house in the USA
      • Material: Solid 3/4" thick brass 360
      • Fast Production & Worldwide shipping
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