Branding Irons Unlimited - Electric Handheld Heating Tools

An electric heating tool increases efficiency. Simply plug it in and, within a few minutes, start branding. It is perfect for achieving professional branded marks each and every time.

Our great selection of Handheld Electric Heating Tools includes units for 120V (typically used in North America) as well as units for 220V-240V outlets. Our wattage ranges from 80W up to 800W. This line of products includes US made and imports. Among our US made Handheld Electric Heating Tools, we have sealed models made for use in a kitchen setting, which means they are designed to prevent moisture from getting in, prolonging the life of your tool.

Along with our heating units, we offer temperature control units to help you set the right degree of heat, enabling you to brand with minimal recovery time.


What Makes an Electric Branding Iron?

Model Wattage Min Area Max Area
SP80NUS 80W 0.2" sq. 1.6" sq.
SP120 120W 0.2" sq. 1.6" sq.
557V-V12 200W 0.2" sq. 5.3" sq.
BI-P115 175W 0.2" sq. 3.7" sq.
BI-225 250W 1.6" sq. 6.5" sq.
BI-225B 250W 1.6" sq. 6.5" sq.
BI-350 350W 6.5" sq. 15" sq.
BI-350B 350W 6.5" sq. 15" sq.
BI-500 500W 15" sq. 21" sq.
BI-500B 500W 15" sq. 21" sq.
BI-800 800W 21" sq. 33" sq.