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This is the very first question we ask because your answer is key to our understanding of your branding needs. Your specific application, along with the size you want for your branded mark, enables us to offer you the branding iron most suitable for you!

From branding irons for livestock and multi-purpose branders for materials like wood, leather, canvas, denim, cork, card stock, rubber, certain plastics, to branding irons for steaks, burger buns and other food products, we have it all.

Need to Brand Text, Alphanumeric Codes and Dates?

We offer standard interchangeable characters for spelling names, serial numbers, dates, etc. as well as a wide range of products you can personalize. Create your own versatile package and add related accessories too. You can do it all right here, on our website!

An Array of Heating Tools

We have everything from freeze-branders (typically used for horses) to fire-heated irons for heating over an open flame. For greater control and efficiency, check out our Pro-1000-Propane Heating Tool for hooking up to a propane source. Last but certainly not least, we offer a wide range of electric heating tools in various wattages. Our selection includes electric tools for use in North America as well as in countries with 220V-240V. Most of our electric heating tools are available both as handheld models and for mounting in a drill press.

Our knowledgeable representatives will make sure they understand your branding application(s), as well as the size(s) you need your branded mark to be and will recommend the best heating tool options for your consideration.